Why Manvacay?

Planning trips can take time, effort, and organization. Our lives are busy, and we all struggle with time management. Due to this, our effort and organization can't falter. Let Manvacay take care of it all.

Is Manvacay location specific?

Absolutely not. We have our recommendations for certain events and trips, but we can look at any areas that you may be interested in.

Are we a travel agency?

No. We provide custom vacation/event planning to the needs and desires of your group. Manvacay is a vacation concierge service for mancations!

How big of a group can Manvacay Handle?

Manvacay can handle any size group. However, destination specific for certain events may be more enjoyable with a certain amount of people.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Ideally, Manvacay would like to use PayPal to create transactions and payment plans. However, credit cards, cash, and checks can work as well. We can accommodate a payment plan for you.

What's the average size trip and cost?

The size and cost of the trip vary. We have done trips as small as 4 guys and trips as large as 40. It depends on what trip you want to do and how much group interaction you want. The cost is a per person amount and is based on the overall amount for the trip. 

Is airfare included in our packages?

Due to personal interaction and the fact people may want to use points or rewards for airfare, we usually do not include that in the package. We will do it for an additional fee if it is needed for a trip to happen successfully.

Can I customize my package?

Absolutely! Manvacay works with you to customize every trip. 

Our group has special needs for diet / transportation, can you adjust to that?

We continually work to make sure anyone and everyone is accommodated to their specific needs. With that said, some areas specifically may have some boundaries, but we will do our best to ensure we work with any special needs.

What is the cost of Manvacay?

The cost of Manvacay is broken down into a per-person cost. If the trip cost was $1000, a per person cost would be between 10-15%/ This fluctuates depending on the effort and difficult planning of the trip.