Let's Get the Guys Together!

Who has time to plan a getaway?

Typically everyone is too busy with their lives working or taking care of their families to carve out the time to plan a trip with the guys. 

Leave the trip details to Manvacay. 

We're a getaway concierge. Unlike a travel agent, Manvacay takes care of all the details of the trip. We plan the entire experience, that way you and the boys can enjoy yourselves and the experience we've customized for you. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Appoint a Leader. The trip leader will work with Manvacay to share the rough ideas around the experience you are looking for. Leadership has its perks, but we'll get to that later. 
  2. Set a Budget. Tell us how many people are going and where we should cap the budget. 
  3. Scheduling. We'll coordinate times with your buddies, so you don't have to. 
  4. Travel. Select your flight arrangements and head to the destination. 
  5. Enjoy. Once you arrive, everything will be awaiting you, including transportation, lodging, entertainment, activities and dining experiences. 

Would you like to know more? 

What our clients are saying.

"Nonstop uninterrupted fun.."

This golf trip by Manvacay (MV) was just nonstop uninterrupted fun.  There was never a slightly dull moment. If we weren’t eating nicely catered food from the local chefs, we were playing cool games. If we weren’t playing cool games, we were seeing the sights of some beautiful countryside. If we didn't see the sights of some beautiful countryside, we were watching Pay-Per-View Boxing events. This was an absolute amazing customized trip. I have never been part of anything like this before.  Can you fit any more fun into a few days? Can it get any better? I don’t know…oh wait, we also had four amazing rounds of golf on gorgeous properties with set tee times and customized tournament format. Unreal!!!  

- Les. E

"Everything is laid out on a silver platter.."

"Trip for the ages.."

Wow!  I wish that could just be my review.  Manvacay went over and beyond the expectations my group had. I have known Nick for some time, and he is beyond organized and talented at this trait. He brings a whole different area of expertise to the table. For example, we showed up at a restaurant (10 guys), and he had us in a private room with margs already on the table. My group was beyond happy. Something so small, but so unique. Or, to have us receive fly reel cases that even I (group leader) had no idea we would receive. Wow!  I can’t even put into words how wonderful it was to show up on a vacation and everything be laid out on a silver platter. Not just from me Nick, but the whole crew applauds you and ManVacay for an excellent job. We look forward to next year. Can you please not change anything? Cheers my brotha!

- Dave K

This was a trip for the ages.  It is tough to put into words.  The accommodations were amazing.  The golf was even more amazing and the comradely was even more amazing than the rest of the trip.  It all started with 12 men all from different backgrounds.  Manvacay (MV) made it seem so seamless and comfortable.  This was a trip of a lifetime and cannot wait to see what Manvacay has in store for our crew in the coming years.  Curbside services at the airport to pick us up, knickers’ Friday, the organized gambling, and all of the golf was just spectacular.  As well as an unexpected stop at Pinehurst #2 and seeing the Payne statue.  Enough said.  I could go on and on about this trip but I think you get the point. MV creates the little things to keep a group happy and stress-free. Cheers!

- Chris. W